Clinometers, height meters and hypsometers

We offer a wide range of mechanical and electronic types of clinometers, height meters and/or hypsometers.

Mechanical types

  • Suunto PM-5/1520PC Clinometer/ Heightmeter: Scales 1:20 (0± 50m), 1:15 (0 ± 35m), 0 ± 150%. Conversion table: height in meters (1:20) to degrees. Does not have built-in range-finder.
  • Suunto PM-5/1520D Clinometer/ Heightmeter: Scales 1:20 (0± 50m), 1:15 (0 ± 35m), 0 ± 90o. Conversion table: cosines 0 – 45o. Does not have built-in range-finder.
  • Suunto PM-5 (other): All other less popular clinometer and heightmeter models are listed here.
  • Click here for Suunto PM-5 Clinometer/ Heightmeter User Manual.
  • Click here for tabulated features of the different Suunto Clinometer and Heightmeter models.

What is

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A clinometer, known in many fields as an inclinometer, is a tool commonly used by foresters and/or surveyors to measure slope, vertical angles, and in combination with distance measurements, elevation change or

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tree heights. The clinometer makes use of basic trigonometry to determine the heights of the objects (References: TheFreeDictionary; Wikipedia).


A hypsometer is an instrument for measuring height or altitude. Several physical principles may be used. The earliest types (pressure hypsometers) employed the principle that the boiling point of a liquid

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is lowered by diminishing the barometric pressure, and that the barometric pressure varies with the height of the point of observation. Modern hypsometers use the combination of a (sonic or laser) rangefinder and a clinometer to measure distances to the top and bottom of objects, and the angle between the lines from the observer to each to calculate height (References: TheFreeDictionary; Wikipedia).

Digital (electronic) types

  • Haglöf Electronic Clinometer (HEC) : Does not have a built-in range-finder. Heights read off at predefined distances. Click here for HEC Users Manual.
  • Haglöf Electronic Clinometer/ Heightmeter/ Relascope (HEC-R) : Does not have a built-in range-finder. Heights read off at predefined distances. Use the built-in basal area functions to count number of stems in your HEC-R, using one out of four relascopic factors (0.5, 1, 2 or 4 m2 ha-1). Click here for HEC-R Users Manual.
  • Haglöf Vertex IV Hypsometer : Has built-in ultrasound range-finder which operates in tandem with a transponder. Calculates angles, and heights at distances of up to 35 m from tree or object. Has built-in basal area function. Click here for Vertex IV User manual.
  • Haglöf Vertex Laser VL402 and L402: The VL402 has both laser and ultrasound range-finding options, whilst the L402 has laser option only. Both instruments can determine distances up to 400 m (about 900 m with a reflective target), angle and height. Have built-in basal area functions.
  • Click here for Vertex VL402 User manual.
  • Click here for Vertex L402 User manual.